Job Type: Residential
Location: Ivy Brook Subdivision - Greenville, SC
Project Year: Summer 2015 (8 Week Project)

The Lynch's hired Scott Construction Services to transform an outdated screened-in porch into a sunroom they could enjoy year-round. First off, the screens were removed and to better support the roof of the new sunroom, the existing roof was shored-up so a temporary support system could be installed to construct the walls. To secure the foundation, footers were installed and a double-brick knee wall was laid to support the permanent wall system, which would fully support the roof. Crank-out casement windows and the walls were fixed into position to make the enclosed sunroom. A ductless heating and cooling system was installed to allow the room to be climatized throughout the whole year. After the ductless system was situated, the sheet rock was finished and painted, along with recessed can lighting in the ceiling and a fan. A single fiberglass french door was installed on the exterior of the sunroom to get from inside to the backyard. The screened-in porch was successfully renovated into a comfy, climatized sunroom where the Lynch's could enjoy views of the backyard through all seasons of the year.