Job Type: Residential
Location: Riverwalk Subdivision - greenville, SC
Project Year: Spring 2014 (14 Week Project)

We were hired by the Willinghams to design and construct a pergola for their back deck, take apart their existing deck and replace it with an upgraded material, convert their screened-in porch into a climatized room, as well as enclose the space under the newly constructed room. Ensuing much research on the pergola design and material, we decided to use a species of wood known as cypress, which has been proven to withstand various weather conditions. After the customer chose the pergola design, we personally hand crafted each individual timber, which consisted of 6x6" support posts, 4x8" solid cypress suppport beams, 3x8" rafter beams, and 2x4" shade slats. All hardware that was used to construct this pergola were hidden by specially made 1" dowel plugs that were flushed, sanded and finished after they were placed. During the installation of this pergola, it consisted a 65% moisture content, which we allowed to cure out for 6 months. After the wood was cured, we revisited the project and applied a clear polyurethane sealer to the entire pergola, which enhanced the naturally beauty of the cypress color and grain. Moving onto the deck, we began by deconstructing it and replacing all of the original decking boards and handrails with Trex Transcend. We chose to use Trex Transcend since it is proven to be the highest quality product that Trex offers. The handrails were then integrated with perimeter and stairway lighting.

After the deck was completed, work on the screened-in porch conversion began. The screens were removed and framing for the walls were built for the drywall and casement windows. The walls were painted after they were fully constructed and wood floors were installed. The room connected seamlessly to their main living space and also contained a built-in wine bar. The space below the newly constructed climatized room was closed in with brick and a fiberglass door that withstands the elements and warpage.